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    Quick... Simple... Compassionate

    The Divorce Weekend provides an environment for divorcing couples who wish to separate quickly, simply and fairly in a mutual spirit of compassion. Our professionally trained Collaborative Law attorneys guide you through the entire separation process to ensure the best outcome for all involved. 

    Gain closure with your marriage in one weekend.

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Be divorced in one weekend...

Created on 29 August 2012

How it works: Each spouse has a lawyer trained in collaborative law who has specialized problem-solving and mediation skills. We spend the weekend focused on settling your divorce. We discuss finances, child custody and parenting time, and moving forward. The lawyers draft all the necessary documents for you to sign at the end of the weekend. One court appearance later and you are divorced.

Advantages: You know the costs upfront. You know how long it will take. We are there to help you and your spouse end your marriage in a respectful and dignified way. It doesn't drag out for months, with multiple meetings that force you to miss work or find babysitters. We work to get the best agreement for you and your family. You avoid the horrendous court process. No litigation.

When and Where: We spend a Saturday and Sunday at a local hotel conference room working very intensely on collaboratively resolving all issues. The choice of whether to check in to a room to stay overnight is entirely yours.

Call or email us now for your appointment to determine if you qualify for The Divorce Weekend. It will change your life and change how you view the entire divorce process. Call Now! (630) 780 – 5034